Enrollment Process

Admissions Decision

Admissions decisions are typically made (by departments) in late winter
or early spring. Applicants will receive a letter of offer either by mail
or email. Once a student accepts the department’s offer, each department
will provide appropriate instructions for enrollment. New students should
contact departments directly with any questions.

Note: Johns Hopkins University is a participant in the Council
of Graduate School’s Resolution Regarding Graduate Scholars, Fellows,Trainees
and Assistants

Accepting the Offer: Other Required Documents

All graduate students:

  • Acceptance of Offer (mailed to the department as required)

International graduate students:

Enrollment Checklist

Obtain a JHED ID

The JHED is necessary to complete many tasks at Hopkins. New graduate students
receive a verification email containing their JHED LIDs. Each student may
access login instructions by visiting the Graduate
Student Portal
. Graduate students must insure that they have accessed
their JHED within a week of receiving the initial instructions.

Complete the Pre-Entrance Health Forms

New graduate students are expected to complete official health and immunization
forms in paper and through an online format. Instructions for completing
the forms can be found by visiting the Health and Wellness Center’s site. Unless these forms are submitted, there will be a registration hold on your ISIS (student information system) account.

Attend Graduate Student Orientation

All new graduate students are expected to attend the one-day orientation sessions at the end of August. The schedule outlines all activities leading up to and including the day of orientation itself. The Office of Graduate Affairs and Admissions offers campus tour and diversity events. In addition, the Center for Educational Resources offers a mandatory TA Orientation and OISSS (international student office) offers its own orientation session.

Register for Classes

New graduate students must register online in August. In order to register, all students must have activated their JHED logins. Within the Graduate Student Portal, there is a link for ISIS (student information system), which is the system used for registration. Instructions for registering for classes can be found at theĀ  FAQ section of this site.

Graduate students must register in consultation with and approval from
their departments, since all initial coursework falls in line with departmental
requirements. As a result, all graduate students will see an ‘Advisor Hold’
on their registrations – and other holds, such as the one from the Health
Center (if the health forms have not been submitted), as appropriate. All
holds must be cleared up before registration.

Sign-up for Health Insurance

All graduate students should sign up for health insurance by August 15 through Aetna Student Health.

Other Recommendations

Seek Opportunities for Employment on Campus

Graduate students interested in applying for campus jobs should visit the
Student Employment website. A JHED ID will is required for all applications.

Secure Housing

Housing is not available to graduate students. A listing of housing resources can be found on our Housing page. Students should also contact their departmental administrators to learn of opportunities.

Contact Us

Office of Graduate Affairs and Admissions
Shriver Hall 28
Homewood Campus
(410) 516-8174