1. Submit the Intent to Enroll Complete any additional offer acceptance documents required by your department. How do I submit my Intent to Enroll form?
  2. Deferral Requests Deferral requests may be made in the Intent to Enroll form but must be approved by the department.
  3. Final Documents If you choose to accept the offer you must contact your institution to have your academic transcripts sent directly to the Office of Graduate Admission and Enrollment office. All official transcripts sent electronically should be sent to graduateadmissions@jhu.edu. Mailed transcripts should be sent in their fully sealed, institutional envelopes directly to our office:      Office of Graduate Admission and Enrollment 3400 N. Charles St. Shriver Hall 28 Baltimore, MD 21218 Delays in receiving these documents may prevent registration in your first or future terms. For those that receive only one copy of your academic records you may be eligible to present your documents to our office. Please contact the Office of Graduate Admission and Enrollment for more information. Please note, federal financial aid recipients will not be eligible to register until the final transcripts have been received.
  4. Obtain a JHED ID New graduate students will receive a verification email after June 1st. For those that accept the offer after this date you will receive the email within five days of accepting the offer containing their JHED LIDs. Each student may access login instructions by visiting the Graduate Student Portal. Graduate students must insure that they have accessed their JHED within a week of receiving the initial instructions. If you have not received the email, please contact webregistration@jhu.edu or call 410-516-8080. For complete instructions on setting up your account please use this link: http://web.jhu.edu/registrar/forms-pdfs/GRCreatingYourJHEDOutlookLive.pdf.
  5. Complete the Pre-Entrance Health Forms New graduate students are expected to complete official health and immunization forms in paper and through an online format. Instructions for completing the forms can be found by visiting the Health and Wellness Center’s site. Unless these forms are submitted, there will be a registration hold on your ISIS (student information system) account.
  6. Graduate Student Health Insurance
  7. Secure Housing On campus housing is not available to graduate students, but we do offer a great resource for exploring housing opportunities located off campus. Please be sure to utilize the roommate tool on this site to connect with your peers who are looking to share a space. If you have not received your JHED ID (Hopkins Login ID) information, you may login as a guest. Students should also contact their departmental administrators to learn of opportunities.
  8. Register for Classes New graduate students must register online in August. In order to register, all students must have activated their JHED logins. Within the Graduate Student Portal, there is a link for ISIS (student information system), which is the system used for registration. Instructions for registering for classes can be found at the FAQ section of this site. Graduate students must register in consultation with and approval from their departments, since all initial coursework falls in line with departmental requirements. As a result, all graduate students will see an ‘Advisor Hold’ on their registrations – and other holds, such as the one from the Health Center (if the health forms have not been submitted), as appropriate. All holds must be cleared up before registration.
  9. Tuition, insurance, and entrance fees All fees must be paid in full at the time of registration or enrollment for the semester. A substantial late fee may be assessed if registration is not completed within the normal registration period.
  10. Newly Admitted International Students