The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and Whiting School of Engineering offers 36 different full-time graduate programs. For additional information on specific departments visit our Programs of Study page.

Full-Time Degree Seeking:

Applicants interested in pursuing a full-time degree program at the master’s or doctoral level

Combined/Concurrent Bachelor’s Master’s:

Visiting Graduate Students and Scholars:

Internal Graduate Applicant:

Currently enrolled Johns Hopkins University graduate student who wishes to be admitted as into a second degree program, internally transferring into another program or department and plans on abandoning the current program, or a current Johns Hopkins University PhD student who wishes to have a master’s degree conferred. Please note, except in approved joint programs, the intention to pursue more than one doctorate program (for example: PhD/DMA/EdD/MD, etc.) degree simultaneously must be approved by the Homewood Graduate Board before the end of a student’s first year.