Community Engagement

Graduate Student Community Engagement Program (GSCEP)

The Graduate Student Community Engagement Program is designed to facilitate meaningful collaborations between individual Krieger, Whiting and the School of Education Johns Hopkins University graduate students and interested community partners. The main goals of GSCEP are to:

  1. Give Johns Hopkins graduate students the opportunity to enrich their graduate experience by giving them real-world opportunities in which to practice/apply their developing personal, professional, and academic skills(which serve to enhance their research and/or marketability while concurrently benefitting those served).
  2. Simultaneously support Johns Hopkins’ actions to be a valued, committed and active member of the Baltimore community by providing specific (and at times, expert) graduate student support to valued community partners.

Program Description

Starting the fall of 2012, graduate students will be asked to commit a minimum of 5-6 hours per week to their community engagement work, one semester at a time.  Community partners will be made aware of the unique schedule, demands and obligations of graduate students and both parties will be as accommodating as is reasonable while maintaining the usefulness of the collaboration. The program will be overseen by the Center for Social Concern, with advisory support from the Krieger and Whiting Office of Graduate Affairs and Admissions, and the School of Education’s Office of the Dean.


  1. Orientation for graduate student participants-including a community and interpersonal awareness course.
  2. Orientation for community partners.
  3. MOU development between each community partner and JHU/graduate student.
  4. Halfway check-in session for graduate student program participants to understand and measure availability of cohort/community amongst graduate student participants.
  5. Exit surveys for graduate students and community partners.
  6. Final event to recognize participation and share experiences/achievements.


To apply, make an appointment at the Center for Social Concern.


Center for Social Concern
3103 North Charles Street
(410) 516-4777

Office of Graduate Affairs and Admissions
Shriver Hall 28
(410) 516-2388