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Areas of Interest
Please list the Workshop 2016 projects that interest you most, ranked in order of preference (i.e. 1 for most wanted, 4 for least wanted, with 2 and 3 in between).
a) Detecting risk and protective factors of mental health using social media linked with electronic health records
b) Remote monitoring of neurodegeneration through speech
c) c) Building speech recognition system from untranscribed data

Interest in the Workshop
Please send us a short statement (approx. 100 words) of your interest in and expectations from the summer workshop.
In your answers below, we would especially like evidence of the following:
  • You are a good programmer, and competent in a Unix command-line environment.
  • You have been exposed to basic probability and statistics.
  • You have other potentially useful background knowledge (e.g., linguistics, speech communication, machine vision, natural language processing, cognitive science, machine learning, signal processing, applied math such as linear algebra and optimization, data structures and algorithms, parallel computing, advanced prob/stats, foreign languages). Background in these areas is not a prerequisite, but the workshop team leaders may consider it in making their final selection.

Relevant Skills
Please give a short statement describing any relevant skills you may possess, including programming languages, foreign languages and theoretical background in math/stats/CS/linguistics.

Programming Experience
IMPORTANT: Please describe (approx. 200 words) a project you have undertaken which best highlights your PROGRAMMING skills. First briefly describe the overall goal of the project and the components you were responsible for programming. Then describe in some detail the programming techniques and algorithms you used.

Prior Research Experience
Past research experience is not required. However, if you have had research experience that went beyond well-defined homework assignments, please write a few sentences about the one or two projects that you would most like us to know about.
Please describe your interest in this program, including your science and research background, your academic accomplishments, and how they prepared you or piqued your interest.
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Please note any ACTIVE Summer Stipend Support (e.g. MARC/MBRS)
Please list up to three CMDB program faculty members whose research is of interest:
For a list of our faculty members, please visit
Faculty member
Faculty member
Faculty member
Please indicate up to three areas of scientific interest (e.g. developmental biology):
Scientific Interest
Scientific Interest
Scientific Interest
If you are currently planning to pursue a research career as a Ph.D or M.D./Ph.D., what do you find attractive about doing research? Why have you chosen it as a career path?
(5000 character maximum, spaces included)
Please provide any additional information that you believe is relevant to your application. This could include previous experiences, prior military service, or unusual challenges you have faced (socioeconomic, first generation college student, disabilities).
Select 2 research areas that you are interested in
Biomaterials/NanomaterialsStem Cells & Cell Engineering
Drug/Gene DeliveryBiophysics & Bioengineering
CancerTissue Engineering

Program Information

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Applying for Term
If you are unsure which department to select, or are coming to work with a Center, please speak with your sponsoring Johns Hopkins faculty member or Departmental Administrator to ascertain your correct departmental affiliation.


Name of Recommender
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How Did You Hear About Us?

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Transcripts and Recommendations

Please have an official copy of your transcript (including Fall '16 grades) sent to us from your school and two letters of recommendation from supervisors or teachers attesting to your scientific and/or academic ability. Recommendation letters should be e-mailed as pdfs directly to Transcripts, and letters that absolutely cannot be sent via e-mail, should be sent to the address below.

Johns Hopkins BioREU Program
Dept. of Biology
144 Mudd Hall
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Please note: When you submit this application, an email will be sent to the email address you listed above requesting your C.V. An email will also be sent to the Faculty Nominator requesting a recommendation letter. Please ensure both email address provided are accurate.

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