Visiting Student Enrollment

Enrollment Requirements

Proof of Health Insurance

Proof of health insurance must be remitted to the Office of the Registrar’s Insurance Coordinator. This office is located in Garland Hall. Any student without health insurance will be instructed to purchase the Aetna Student Health option.

Pre-Entrance Health Requirements

Visiting graduate students are expected to complete official health and immunization forms in paper and through an online format. Instructions for completing the forms can be found by visiting the Health and Wellness Center’s site. Unless these forms are submitted, there will be a registration hold on your ISIS (student information system) account.

Special Requirements for the School of Medicine

If a Krieger or Whiting School visiting graduate student or his/her faculty advisor anticipates an association with the School of Medicine, it should be noted that additional credentialing may be required (e.g. J-Card, HIPAA training, background check). These requirements may take time, therefore it is advisable to plan accordingly. Questions may be directed to Laura Winter ( or 410-614-7013) well in advance of arrival to campus.


The I-9 is document required for employment purposes. Visiting students should consult with their department regarding this form. International students also need to involve OISSS in this process.

Extension/Revision of Visiting Student Status

Any visiting student whose start or end dates change once his/her application has been submitted, needs to contact his/her sponsoring department or the appropriate admissions office. In these cases, the department or admissions office completes an extension form on behalf of the visiting student.